IgG Food Intolerance Test

Hippocrate, considéré comme le père de la médicine naturelle, dit: ''Que ta nourriture soit ton médicament et que ton médicament soit ta nourriture''.

Où faire le Test

The Tests de Laboratoire Daphne , are available throughout the national territory for the best professions: Naturopathes, Nutritionnistes, Ostéopathes, Homeopathes, Diététiciens, Herboristeries, Pharmacies, Esthéticiens, Entraîneurs Personnels, Chiropraticiens, Naturothérapeutes, Centers bien-être, Centers shiatsu, thermal centres, physical conditioning centre, etc …

If you are interested in doing the test or would like the information on the comment on the test to improve your health status, if you want to fill in the formula you need and we will give you the answers in your opinion as soon as possible .