IgG Food Intolerance Test

Hippocrate, considéré comme le père de la médicine naturelle, dit: ''Que ta nourriture soit ton médicament et que ton médicament soit ta nourriture''.

Lacto-Ovo-Vegetariano IgG Food Test

169 foods (without meat and fish)

The tests given here are based on a Lacto-Ovo-Végétarien regime.
Le Laboratoire Daphné created a specific test for the nutritional substances of Lacto-Ovo-Végétariens , with specific foods in their current fashion. The test detects the undesirable effects of IgG antibodies against 169 food allergens currently consumed.

The reasons here may appeal to people towards choosing Lacto-Ovo-Végétarien are mainly for reasons of health and for greater sensitivity towards the animal world.

This test is an excellent tool for identifying food allergens that can contribute to the average food intolerance symptoms for the most common IgG.

The IgG food intolerance test identifies food allergens that cause inflammatory reactions at the level of mucus and the gastro-intestinal membrane. Foods that cause delayed inflammatory reactions are often difficult to diagnose in terms of consumption and physical reaction. In general, an IgG reaction is produced hours or days after exposure to these food antigens.

The results of the test provide your therapist with a useful guide for a precise and effective personalized nutrition programme, aimed at eliminating or attaining the inflammatory symptoms that cause you.

The IgG test is recommended for children over 18 months old.

The Daphné Laboratory uses the most modern and advanced immunological system for the diagnosis of food intolerances, based on Microarray technology for the detection of IgG antibodies present in the blood circulation.

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